Daily Brief: June 16

Daily Update

Two-Brain Coaching has launched its Nutrition Coaching Course.

Jennifer Broxterman, registered dietitian, is the founder of NutritionRx.ca. She’s built a very successful practice in her London, Ontario, gym; she’s an author for Precision Nutrition and a Western University lecturer; and she’s competed at CrossFit Games Regionals.

Her approach is habits based instead of macros or calories based. Beginning today, registrants on the TwoBrainCoaching.com site can be mentored by Jennifer herself.

This is a fantastic complement to the Nutrition Business Course included in the Two-Brain Business mentorship program. The business course helps you set up your pricing and delivery; the Nutrition Coaching Course prepares a coach to deliver your nutrition program.

Daily Lesson

Listen to “Starting, Scaling and Staffing a Nutrition Business in Your Gym” on Two-Brain Radio.

Daily Directive

Identify five possible corporate nutrition clients using Lindsey VanSchoyck’s direction in the podcast above. Two-Brain Business clients can find the step-by-step instructions and communications templates on the Growth ToolKit: Nutrition Business, Milestone 7.

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One more thing!

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