Coronavirus Response: May 29

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Daily Update


The Covid Crisis brought sharp focus into your business. The broken pieces, weaker staff and gaps in your plans became very obvious. Many gym owners have taken this opportunity to fix those problems, and they’re reopening with a better business that will eventually be a far better business.

But now there’s a lot of noise. Webinars, podcasts, emails, Facebook groups (they’re the worst)—everyone seems to have an opinion. Very few have experience. And some of the experts are faking it.


Today’s Tactic


Audit your inputs.

– Unsubscribe from three email lists that don’t give you tactical advice.

– Ask this of three experts: “How did this work when you did it?”

– Quit three Facebook groups.

Here are the five filters I use to help me decide when to stop paying attention. Because your attention isn’t free: “How to Get Clarity.”

2020 is the year of Focus at Two-Brain Business. My focus—and my mission—is helping gym owners gain the freedom of money and time. I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars collecting data, analyzing it and then giving it to you (for free) every year. But if I’m adding to your overwhelm, you should stop listening. You can always come back later.

Invest your attention into things you’ll do. FOMO is hurting you. Overwhelm is slowing you down. You can’t focus on everything. Today’s the day to make cuts.


Key Resources


Blog: “Building Filters in Your Business”

Blog: “Filter, Don’t Find”

Two-Brain Radio: “Clarity: The Two-Brain Growth ToolKit and Mentorship”

Blog:  “Clarity: The Greatest Gift You Can Give”


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One more thing!

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