Coronavirus Response: May 14

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Daily Update


It’s a very challenging time. Some gyms are open with lots of restrictions, others are preparing to open amid chaos, and some don’t know when they’ll be able to reopen.

As a leader, you’re forced to be realistic and optimistic as you serve your clients. That means you take the punches without flinching, and you smile because your clients need smiles. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t suffering under the strain. I know you are, and that’s OK.

At the 2019 Two-Brain Summit I asked a question: If there’s only one sandwich on an airplane and everyone is hungry, who gets it? The answer: The pilot—because he or she is responsible for everyone else.

Today, I want you to eat the sandwich. You’re the pilot, and we need you.


Today’s Tactic


Take some time for yourself. I know you’re very busy and pressure is extreme, so it doesn’t have to be a lot of time. But schedule a break in the action. Actually put it on your calendar. Use the time to sit quietly by yourself and recharge—phones off. Or do a workout you really enjoy. Or call someone in your support network—a relative, a trusted friend, a mentor, a spouse.

The only requirement: You have to use this time to do something that will recharge you. Your family, your clients and your business will benefit. And so will you.


Key Resources


Chris Cooper: “How to Be Happy (for Entrepreneurs)”

Chris Cooper: “The Future of the Microgym (Eat the Sandwich!)”


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One more thing!

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