Coronavirus Response: May 12

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Daily Update

Rebuilding your gym business starts with knowing what your best clients need from you most. In today’s blog post (see Key Resources below), you’ll work through four exercises to determine which services your best clients could use and which services the majority of your clients could use.

It’s not an upsell but a reboot. As I wrote in my book “Help First,” if we followed the hierarchy of fitness to the letter, we’d all run a nutrition coaching business with a squat rack in the back parking lot.

Today’s Tactic

Your gym might still be closed, but your platform remains. The best thing you can do with the platform you’ve built is make other people famous.

Today, choose five clients who have done amazing jobs with their workouts during the covid crisis. Find great pictures of them working out at home and write their stories (how you met, your first impressions of them, their first workouts, funny tales that flatter them and why you’re proud of them). The stories don’t have to be long.

Post the first story on your website today. Schedule the second for tomorrow, and so on. Share the link to each story on social media. Remember: The first rule of social media is to get people off social media and onto your website. Stories are a fantastic way to do that—and, more importantly, you’ll make a member feel famous.


Victoria (Australia) eases restrictions and allows outdoor exercise; gyms plan to run classes in parks while they hope for a return to their physical locations in three weeks’ time.

Key Resources


Chris Cooper: “Your Gym 2.0: What do People Need?”

Click here to visit and bookmark our COVID resources page.


One more thing!

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