Coronavirus Response: May 11

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Daily Update

They’ll come back!

As more Two-Brain gyms reopen, their owners are delighted (and relieved) to find their classes and personal training time slots are filled almost immediately. Clients who quit months (or even years) ago are eager to restart their journeys.

However, some clients prefer to stay online a while longer, and due to attendance restrictions, some gyms can’t accommodate every client in the physical location. So online training will continue even when in-person training resumes. That means your best retention tactics are still required to keep people engaged.

Today’s Tactic

Plan for an online Murph event. Make the event a celebration of your community, even if they’re still in exile.

Drop off a box of sidewalk chalk to every member. Have participants write messages to one another on local sidewalks. Have members start at the same time. Have them dress up: Host a T-shirt-decorating party for their children the day before. Encourage them to include their kids somehow. Plan to replace the pull-ups for most people, or switch to another hero workout for this year.

This event isn’t a chance to PR your score. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to come together.


Gyms in New Zealand can reopen on May 14, as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that the country will move down to Alert Level 2 on that day. However, the Level 2 status will be reviewed in two weeks. Click here.

Key Resources

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Click here to visit and bookmark our COVID resources page.


One more thing!

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