Content Marketing Hack: Access Your Private “Focus Group”

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SEO experts will tell you content is both king and queen.

Yet many gym owners will tell you they struggle to produce good content.

Today, I’ll give you a two-path hack to producing great media that will hit the mark with potential clients.

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SEO consultants charge a lot of money­—but you already have a host of them inside your business. They’re your clients, and they’ll give you valuable info for free.

If you’re following Two-Brain’s advice to replicate your best clients, you already know how to find out who they are. And you already know how to use Affinity Marketing to get access to their family, friends and acquaintances.

Content marketing is just one more step in that process. Here’s how to involve your best clients in the process:

1. Find out what their friends ask them about fitness and their gym.

2. Find out what kinds of health and fitness problems their friends are trying to solve.

3. Find out what prevents their friends from working out, too.

If you take a few minutes and ask your best clients for that info, you’ll know exactly what to write about to connect with high-value clients who are very close to your business.

Next, talk to a few of your newest clients—people who just started or have been in the gym for less than 30 days. Ask them:

1. What they saw that made them interested in your gym.

2. What questions they had when they were thinking about starting a fitness program.

3. What they’d want to read if they were still looking for a gym.

That info will tell you which content is most likely to connect with people who are researching gyms or thinking about starting a training program.

This process is simple, and it can be repeated regularly. Of course, you might get similar answers sometimes, but that’s OK. Duplicate answers indicate strong topics, and you should hit them several times from different angles.

For example, if several new clients talk about “weight-loss info” as content that motivated them to read your articles and book a free consultation, address the topic in different ways:

  • How weight training affects weight loss.
  • Why “abs are made in the kitchen.”
  • How diet and exercise combine to help people lose weight.
  • Weight-loss myth busting.
  • Tips for weight loss.
  • “This client lost X pounds by doing X.”
  • And so on.

Take Action Now

This plan is simple and effective—but few people implement it.

Here are the things that will derail you:

1. Thinking that content creation has to be more complicated than this.

2. Writing about the things you want to write about and ignoring the interests of prospective clients.

3. Sitting on your hands instead of typing.

Do this today:

  • Start a clock.
  • Go find one of your seed clients or newest clients in the gym and ask for three minutes of time.
  • Use one of the approaches listed above.
  • Run back to your office and write something simple right away.
  • Publish it.
  • Stop the clock, then set aside that amount of time—hopefully no more than an hour—to do this every week.

Don’t ever stop your content production because you can’t think of anything to write.

When you need ideas, turn to your own private focus group.


One more thing!

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