Affinity Marketing

By Chris Cooper

Learn how to win new clients while spending $0 on ads.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising for gyms. So, why aren’t your happiest clients already dragging their friends, coworkers, and spouses through the doors?

Because they’re not salespeople. The process is too passive.

In this guide, Two-Brain founder Chris Cooper outlines step-by-step instructions for turning your best clients into your business’ most powerful marketing force.

What makes Affinity Marketing so effective?

It’s faster. No time wasted trying to turn low-interest prospects into sign-ups.

It’s free. No ad-buying necessary.

It doesn’t feel like “selling.” The process is built on clients helping their friends, not selling to them.

It builds community. You’ll attract the right people, and they’ll already be friends with some of the members in your gym.

Affinity marketing doesn’t add new clients one at a time. It multiplies them.