Thrilled Clients Pay More if Gyms Do These 2 Things

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If you saw our February leaderboard for average revenue per member per month, you might wonder how you can increase the value you deliver to clients.

You can review the leaderboard here—it runs from $377 to $812.

How can you move closer to those numbers? I’ll tell you, with some help from Bob Burg, author of “The Go-Giver.”

Bob says “money is an echo of value,” and he’s broken value down into five parts. I’ll give you the first two here and the final three in the next post.

Excellence: It’s all About the Clients

You will be rewarded for getting clients the results they care about. If you do that, you’re creating value in their lives.

Think about it: You might take pride in having the cleanest gym, the most credentials, the sexiest programming and the newest equipment. But even if clients recognize and appreciate all those things, they’ll still bolt if they don’t lose 10 lb., make the team, add 5 lb. of muscle or finish the 5-km fun run.

To clients, goal accomplishment and problem solving are extremely valuable. Accomplishing goals faster? That’s even more valuable.

A new paint job in the front lobby is nice—see below. But it’s not the core element of value.

You will be rewarded for the value you create in the lives of your clients by helping them accomplish their goals.

That is excellence.

Consistency: Excellence Every Day

Excellence means getting results for clients. Consistency means doing things the same way every time for every person.

Combine the two and your value will increase dramatically.

Consider this: If you have an outstanding meal once at a restaurant and then five average meals, you won’t consider the place excellent. It just hit a home run once.

How about the place that delivers an incredible meal every single time without fail? That’s the best restaurant in town, and dining there is worth the price.

That level of excellence should extend to every part of your business.

Back to the restaurant analogy: What if you ate an A+ steak but the server was rude, the cutlery was dirty and the bathroom was a disaster? You’d still enjoy the steak, but the experience would be devalued.

Be great at getting clients to their goals. Then elevate your standards for every aspect of the business. That’s exactly what we teach gym owners to do in our RampUp program.

When your excellence is obvious every single day in everything you do, your average revenue per member will go up.

Building More Value

Focusing on just these two elements—excellence and consistency—will increase your value. You’ll see that reflected in your ARM stats and your bottom line.

In the next post, I’ll give you three more elements of value. These are the ones that take a gym from great to world class.


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