Coach vs Owner: Mindset

By Ken Andrukow, TwoBrain Mentor
Opening your own affiliate is an amazing way to get paid doing work  you love, helping your clients realize their goals, and changing lives. In your own gym, you can craft the dream job you’ve always been looking for.
Loving your work is great, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But understand that the best self-employment scenario is just that: you’re employing yourself in a job role, and your goals need to align with that approach. That’s the self-employed coach mindset.
However, what you may be finding is that there’s a gap between having the best job of your life, and other goals that you’ve realized are important to you: having more time to spend with family, travelling, contributing to your community, and building a team of leaders.
If you want the ability to set your schedule, work less and earn more, and earn passive income, you need to change your mindset from that of a self-employed coach to one of an entrepreneur.
You may be asking yourself, “why  can’t I do both?” You’re probably trying to do that right now, in fact. Which is why you’re here, reading this post: it doesn’t work.
Have you ever tried to coach someone through their squat technique and then ask them to pay their current month of dues when they’re on the way out the door after class? That painful clash of roles is one absolutely no one can manage gracefully. To be effective as an owner you need to be free to do the hard tasks like money collection, and let your coaches be supportive and kind to your athletes.
Shifting your mindset may be a challenge, but here’s a start. If you’re frequently asking yourself what you need to do to get better at something that needs to be done in your affiliate, whether that’s marketing, coaching or bookkeeping, then you’re seeking to fill that job role yourself. Instead, you need to recognize that others can do those tasks better than you already, and that means they should be doing them for you. The question isn’t “what” you need to do better, but “who” can do this better for you?
The net result of this decision is that you are no longer increasing your responsibilities in your job role, but building your business.
From another angle, think about profit. You might be excited about the idea of running a profitable affiliate, but how does that look? If it’s just paying yourself a great salary to coach, then that’s a job that involves the standard time-for-money trap, regardless of the fact that your boss is really great.
Profit is actually beyond coaching revenue; it’s the true value your business is creating aside from paying for your time. It requires your attention to find the right people to hire who will expand your affiliate beyond your own knowledge, values, and capacity. The owner mindset changes how your affiliate delivers value.
If you’re struggling to make this change, we’ve all been there. The team at Two-Brain Business will help you get on the road to meeting your goals by shedding your coaching mindset and moving forward to being a true owner!


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