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A mother telling her son a bedtime story using a shadow puppet dinosaur - The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling

Your business deserves to be successful, but you can’t change minds without winning hearts. And you can learn to tell better, true stories—the kind that change how people feel, and, in turn, what they do.

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A man exploring a rocky niche in a kayak

Unexplored Niches

Think narrower and go deeper instead of trying to appeal to everyone—Chris Cooper identifies niches and explains how creative entrepreneurs can dominate them.

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A wooden sign hanging outside a brick building inscribed 'What's In A Name?"

What’s in a Name?

People buy stories. Stories paint a picture in their minds. Your name is how they frame that story. Will it encourage them to look deeper or look elsewhere?

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A woman scrolling through a cell phone screen depicting 'How To Change Your Story'

How to Change Your Story

When you open a business, you step onstage. Your website is your podium, and social media is your amplifier. What will you say? Here are three ideas from Chris Cooper.

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