The Absolute Best Way to Sell Personal Training

PT Memberships, Not Packages - a young woman working out with her trainer

By Joleen Bingham, Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor

If you’ve ever gone to large corporate gyms, you’ll see they sell personal tracking in packages of five, 10 and 15 sessions—or even more. As clients use up the sessions, they purchase new packages. 

While these packages often look great to clients, they aren’t going to develop a thriving PT program with predictable ongoing revenue and high client accountability. 

The Problems With Packages

Imagine this: You’ve sold a 20-pack of personal training. Great! You’ve added additional revenue to your business.

But your client has no motivation to use the sessions, and she goes from training three times a week to twice a week to eventually once a week in an attempt to stretch that package as long as possible. She isn’t getting results because she isn’t coming in consistently.

When this client comes to buy the next pack, she has to overcome a lack of results to make the purchase, and she has every excuse to pass: “PT didn’t help me reach my goals.” If she does decide to make another purchase, she might try a different trainer to get better results, and she’ll have to form an entirely new relationship. Will her consistency improve on its own this time? Probably not. 

So are you really helping your client or your business with PT packages? 

For the vast majority of gym owners and clients, the answer is a resounding “no.”

Do This Instead

The best way to sell personal training is in a subscription model that renews month to month without any rollover. This model gives you the predictable revenue you need for your trainers and your business, and it gives the clients the accountability and routine they need to make progress and get results. 

Not sure how to create your options? Start with what your clients need. Ask yourself this question: Do your clients need to come in four, eight, 12, 16 or even more times a month to get the best results? Then price the packages that will bring success—with no discounts! 

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