Brian Chontosh: Virtuosity in Leadership at the Two-Brain Summit

An excited gym owner raises her hand at the 2023 Two-Brain Summit.

We’ve got Jason Khalipa, Jonathan Goodman and Carrie Wilkerson speaking at our summit on June 8 and 9.

But there’s more—much more.

The theme of our summit is “virtuosity,” so I went after more all-stars who can help gym owners and coaches.

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Brian Chontosh

A portrait headshot of Brian Chontosh in U.S. Marines uniform.

It’s tough to summarize “Tosh.”

He served in the U.S. Marines for more than two decades. In Iraq, he earned the Navy Cross for heroic actions, and the battle citation reads like a scene from a movie. He retired a major.

He’s completed the Arrowhead 135 and other ultramarathons.

He rowed across the Atlantic in 2023 with three other men in just under 34 days.

On the USS Dubuque, he once boxed 160 Marines in a row back to back to toughen them up.

He’s the founder of the Big Fish Foundation, which helps veterans thrive after they leave service. (This is our charitable partner for the 2024 summit.)

He provides “customized leadership experiences” at the Crooked Butterfly Ranch.

He has a master’s degree in leadership education, and he worked on CrossFit HQ’s Seminar Staff.

The list goes on. And on.

Tosh is an incredible, inspiring guy.

I can’t think of a better person to close out our summit. His talk title: “Virtuosity in Leadership: Basics, Not Bells and Whistles.”

Ben Bergeron

A photo of Ben Bergeron.

Owner of CrossFit New England, founder of CompTrain, CrossFit Games competitor, coach to Games champions Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir in the mid-2010s, Affiliate Cup-winning coach—Ben Bergeron has done it all.

The former triathlete and author of the book “Chasing Excellence” will be in Chicago to deliver this talk: “The Simple Solve for Team Accountability.”

If you’re struggling to get all your horses pulling in the same direction, you aren’t alone. Ben’s advice is essential for entrepreneurs who want to create careers for coaches and mentor incredible staff members to serve clients in world-class businesses.

The Complete Lineup: Owners Stage

Here’s the rest of the speakers you’ll see on the stage for owners (subject to change):

Day 1 
Jason Khalipa“AMRAP Mentality”
Kieran O’Dwyer and Nick Habich“Find More, Sell More”
Jonathan Goodman“People Who Buy… Buy Lots”
Joleen Bingham“Creating a World-Class Client Experience”
Chris Cooper and John Franklin“The Gym Owner’s Playbook to $1M Net Worth”
Day 2 
Carrie Wilkerson“Building an Impactful Business & Life You Love With the Three Margins™”
Brian Bott“Leveraging 4 Personality Types to Boost Sales, Training and Teams”
Ben Bergeron“The Simple Solve for Team Accountability”
Kilo, Pushpress, WodBoard, WodifySoftware provider panel
Brian “Tosh” Chontosh“Virtuosity in Leadership: Basics, Not Bells and Whistles”

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