Bigger Problems

By Jay Williams, TwoBrain Mentor
When we started, one of the biggest problems we dealt with was keeping the place clean.
It took me 7 hours to mop the floors and wipe everything down. A full Saturday afternoon every week.
Afterwards, I would be paranoid about people using chalk, and got mad if people messed up the floors.
One Sunday while mopping the floors, my back started to hurt…I stopped, looked around and said “f-this, I’m never cleaning the gym myself again”
Hired a cleaner and bought a floor scrubber the next day, problem solved.
Applied this same logic to coaching, answering emails, answering the phone, programming, etc.
With one of our gyms, I stopped being involved in ALL day to day decisions.
Every time I let something go, it allowed me to focus on something bigger, which led to growth.
But it also led to bigger problems (hiring the right people, making payroll, managing schedules).
Each problem I took on was more and more unfamiliar…but each problem solved led to more growth.
Looking back, there was no way we’d have been able to handle the volume we do if I hadn’t stepped out of that comfort zone.
Here’s the deal…
You need bigger problems.
If you want to achieve a greater level of success, you need to seek out and try to solve bigger problems than you are right now.
What’s your biggest problem right now?
Working too many hours? Hire someone to do the lower level tasks and move on to bigger ones.
Getting people in the door? Read Help First and keep trying things until you find something that works.
Keeping people beyond 12 months? Go have coffee with them and find out what they want/what their goals are.
Hiring the right people? Study how the best businesses in your area hire and pay people, and what they do to keep them.
Your problems never go away…you will always have to deal with something or someone. Each time you solve one of these problems, you’ll be faced with bigger ones, but each hurdle leads you to greater levels of success and growth in business and in life.
Go find some bigger problems


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