Easy-Button AI Testimonials for Gym Owners

A robot hand and a human hand touch fingertips and an stream of content is created.

Testimonials from real gym members are gold.

This “social proof” carries a ton of weight with prospective members, and it helps you create the people-like-us-do-things-like-this image Seth Godin has highlighted as a key to good marketing.

AI, of course, helps you cut a lot of corners and create content fast.

Here’s how to use artificial intelligence to massage real info from real people into content that will help you acquire more clients.

A head shot of writer Mike Warkentin and the column name "Pressing It Out."

Step 1

Ask a satisfied current member to answer a few quick questions by email for a blog post. They don’t have to write a novel. They can just tap out quick answers. Tell them you’ll use AI to link their answers together to create an article.

Of course, you can ask the person to write a full post if they want to—that’s way better, but some people won’t want to do it or won’t have the skill to do so.

If you want to double down, you can interview the client and record the responses so you can create a video testimonial. If you go that route, use a transcription service to get the client’s answers into a text document.

Here are the questions (you can add more if you like, but you don’t need to):

  • What are you trying to accomplish in the gym?
  • Have you ever worked out at a gym before, and how did you feel about joining a new gym?
  • What is it like to work out at this gym?
  • What are your favorite parts of our service?
  • Why did you feel comfortable starting to work out with us?
  • Have you accomplished your goals or made progress toward them since you started working out at the gym?
  • What would you say to someone who is thinking about working out here?

Step 2

Feed the answers into ChatGPT or any other AI program with this text preceding the Q&A section (change bolded text to tailor the post to your business):

The text below is from an interview with a client at my gym. The name of the gym is Mike’s Fitness in Cleveland.

Please use the answers to the questions to write a 500-word blog post in the voice of the person who supplied the answers.

The title of the blog post should be “What It’s Like to Work Out at Mike’s Fitness.”

The goal of the blog is to help people in Cleveland understand the process of joining a gym and working out so they might consider joining, too. But you don’t need to push people to join. It’s more important to showcase the experience of a real person who’s telling a story, not overtly promote a service. Please prioritize the person’s experience at my gym.

Please use a very natural, conversational voice. Please use words that a newer gym member between 35 and 55 would use. I want language that’s appropriate for busy 35- to 55-year-old professionals in Cleveland who have families and jobs but want to get fitter or reclaim lost fitness.

The article should be positive but not overly effusive or pushy. It should not feel like a sales pitch.

Here are the questions and answers: (paste Q&A here).

Step 3

Ask the client to review the post and adjust it if needed.

Step 4

Post the text with a picture of the client and share the link everywhere.

Sample Responses and Blog

I made up answers to the questions and fed them into ChatGPT to give you a sample. I used the prompt above and customized it for “Mike’s Fitness” in Cleveland, a gym that serves professionals aged 35 to 55.

Here’s the brief Q&A that goes below the prompt:

What are you trying to accomplish in the gym?

I want to lose 20 lb. and feel better about myself.

Have you ever worked out at a gym before, and how did you feel about joining a new gym?

I worked out at a gym 10 years ago, but I fell off the wagon and gained some weight. I was very nervous about starting at a new gym. I was embarrassed that I had gained weight, and I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to make progress now that I’m older.

What is it like to work out at this gym?

It’s a very welcoming environment with great trainers. Everyone is very friendly, and the staff members are true pros. They correct your form all the time, check in with you in every workout, and make sure you’re doing things properly and having fun. The gym is clean and spacious, and it has lots of well-maintained equipment. The other members are super friendly, too!

What are your favorite parts of our service?

I love the quarterly consultations to ensure that I’m staying on track with my goals.

Why did you feel comfortable starting to work out with us?

The free intro process allowed me to talk to a coach who asked me all about my goals and exercise history. I felt like she was really invested in me. I was nervous about starting at a gym, so I loved the chance to ask a ton of questions. When I left the consultation, I felt very confident about joining the gym even though I had never worked out before. I also knew exactly who to ask for help and how I could contact staff members whenever I needed anything.

Have you accomplished your goals or made progress toward them since you started working out at the gym?

I’m not at my goal of 20-lb. weight loss yet, but I’m halfway there! And I set a new goal of deadlifting 100 lb. I can do 75 already!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working out here?

You should book a free consultation. You have nothing to lose! Head to the gym, talk to a coach and explain what you want to accomplish. Then ask any questions you have. The coach will provide answers and then give you a plan to accomplish your goals. If you like the plan and the coach, consider signing up. You won’t regret it. But start by booking that free consultation!

AI-Generated Testimonial: “What It’s Like to Work Out at Mike’s Fitness”

Hey there, Clevelanders! Let’s chat about something many of us have on our minds but often find daunting: getting back into shape. Now, I’m not here to give you the hard sell on joining a gym. Instead, I want to share my own journey and experience at Mike’s Fitness, right here in our bustling city.

You know how life gets, right? Between juggling work, family, and everything in between, finding the time and motivation to focus on ourselves can feel like a tall order. I was there, too. About a decade ago, I was a gym regular. Fast forward, life happened, and well, let’s just say the gym became a distant memory. A few extra pounds crept in, and the idea of stepping back into a gym, especially as someone in their mid-40s, felt intimidating.

Enter Mike’s Fitness.

Walking into Mike’s, I was immediately greeted by a vibe that felt different—a warm, welcoming atmosphere where the staff genuinely seemed to care. The trainers weren’t just there to count reps. They were invested in ensuring I got the most out of each session, correcting my form, and ensuring I was not only working hard but working smart.

One of the standout features? Those quarterly consultations. Trust me, they’re not just a check-in. They’re a testament to the gym’s commitment to helping members like me stay aligned with our goals, adjusting as we go.

Now, you might wonder, what broke my initial hesitation? It was the free intro process. Sitting down with a coach, discussing my goals, and sharing my previous experience was like mapping out a journey with a trusted guide. I asked questions—lots of them. And every answer, every assurance, just made it clearer: Mike’s Fitness was where I wanted to restart my fitness journey.

Progress? Absolutely. While I’m still on my path to shedding those 20 pounds, I’m already halfway there! And guess what? I’ve even set new milestones, like deadlifting—yes, deadlifting!—and I’m already lifting 75 pounds.

To my fellow Clevelanders pondering whether to take that step: Consider starting with a free consultation. It’s not about signing up on the spot but about understanding your potential journey. Sit down, chat with a coach, lay out your aspirations, and clear those lingering doubts. Whether or not you decide to join, you’ll walk away with clarity and perhaps, like me, a newfound excitement for the possibilities ahead.

In closing, if you’re looking for a place that’s more than just treadmills and weights—if you’re seeking a community, support, and a bit of that Cleveland camaraderie—give Mike’s Fitness a closer look. And hey, if our paths cross there, don’t hesitate to say hi. After all, we’re all in this together, right?

Refine as Needed

If you don’t think the tone fits the person, you can ask for an adjustment—like this: “Please rewrite the blog with a more subdued tone. It should be less effusive.” Or try this and prepare for “spilling the tea” and “my gym sitch”: “Create a variation with slang and colloquialisms a 20-year-old might use.”

Create Some Testimonials!

Is this the only way to create a testimonial?


But if you’re struggling to obtain social proof, you might use this strategy to make the process quick and easy.

Whatever you do, make sure you ask your current clients to help you find more clients just like them.


One more thing!

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