AI: Don’t Produce 1 Million Blogs No One Will Read

A 3D rendering of an AI robot visualizing a web of big data connections.

With AI, you can produce hundreds of blogs in minutes.

So can all the other gyms in your town.

Let’s suggest 10 gyms produce 50 blogs a year for a total of 500 blogs on general fitness and nutrition topics.

How will you possibly cut through the noise and get anyone to read yours?

The answer: You must learn to build an audience, and then you must stay connected to that audience.

Earning Eyeballs

Chris Cooper wrote this a few weeks back:

“Five years ago, producing daily content for your audience would put you in the top 1 percent of businesses worldwide. Now it puts you in the top 50 percent—that means if you’re not producing daily content, people will choose the gym owners who are.”

Coop will be the first person to tell you just producing content isn’t enough. People need to see that content, too. If you can’t get anyone into the theatre, there’s really no point in playing your songs.

To build an audience, you must do three things:

  • Publish consistently.
  • Publish at a “B+ level” so consumers see value.
  • Connect with people to keep the conversation going.

Coop covered the first two elements here.

The last one? That’s where you move from casting seeds into the field to nurturing the best plants.

You have two great options for doing that:

1. Get people into a private group where you can lead the conversation.

Facebook is the best option right now. An online group allows you to bring people together in one place where they know they’ll get regular doses of helpful, high-quality content that interests them.

While you can’t escape the whims of social-media algorithms altogether, you can teach people to check your platforms regularly for great content, and a private group gives you the best chance to earn attention. When people seek out, engage with your content and receive DMs from you, some of them are guaranteed to become clients.

2. Get email lists and phone numbers.

Yes, email is “old school.” But it still gives you a more direct way to tell people “I published something!” It’s a shortcut past the deluge of content on social media, even if you must contend with email spam filters. And text messages? If members of your audience look forward to getting texts from your business, it is certain that you will acquire new clients regularly.

Check this out, from “70 percent of customers say that SMS marketing is a good way for businesses to get their attention.”

Build Your Audience

Later this week, Two-Brain Business will publish its newest guide for gym owners: It’s got a host of prompts you can use to direct AI to create content for you.

But remember that anything you produce with or without AI is just a raindrop in an ocean unless you build and maintain an audience for your content.

The new guide will be available on Sept. 19, and you can get it in the Gym Owners United group: join here.


One more thing!

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