Action Is Everything

The TwoBrain motto is “First With the Head | Then With the Heart | Then With the Hands.”
Some people wonder why I include that last one. After all, doesn’t knowledge equal power?
Nope. Knowledge equals potential power. Education without action is a waste.
In the summer, I listen to Jim Rohn books while I lift weights in my garage. This is his best quote:

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”

The paradox of education is that it can stop you from making progress. You can listen to an hour of an audiobook every day. You can build a desk out of hardcover editions by Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss. And none of them will make you profitable.
Conversely, action without education is–well, it’s an education that’s 10x as expensive.
Knowledge is critical for success. Care is the channel through which knowledge flows. But without action, nothing happens.
Here’s your homework for today: first, read “Polishers” for context. It’s a cornerstone blog post on this site.
Then I want you to listen to this podcast episode. It’s Jay Williams, presenting at the 2017 TwoBrain Summit. (He’ll be presenting again this year – tickets are here.)
This is my strategy for Action.
I share this with TwoBrain gym owners on our regular calls, and I’m sharing it with you now. I know this will probably further the divide between gyms doing very, very well and gyms who aren’t going to make it. Gym owners who take action will pull even further ahead of gym owners who don’t, and this episode will make that divide even broader. I’m okay with that. To save The Movement, I believe some of us need to push even farther, and then model success for everyone else. Are there millionaire gym owners out there? You’d better believe it. Do they own multiple locations and have thousands of clients? Not most of them. What IS the difference between you and them?
Enjoy the podcast, and when you’re ready to take your OWN action, click here to kick off the Incubator.


One more thing!

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