Connections: Grow Your Network at the Two-Brain Summit

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“Who luck” is a thing—and I have it.

The right people tend to pop into my life exactly when I need them. It’s happened with mentors, staff members and business partners.

But I’ve come to realize “luck” might be the wrong word.

Connecting with the right people doesn’t just happen. For example, the mentor who helped me turn Two-Brain into a million-dollar mentorship practice didn’t knock on my door. I actually met Dan Martell because I went to a conference and created content while I was there.

The short story: Dan’s fitness coach saw my post about attending the event and texted Dan to meet “the gym business guy.” We met, I joined Dan’s mastermind group, and Two-Brain took off. The business grew by 600 percent over two years.

Was that luck? Maybe. But not totally.

The cover of the book "Buy Back Your Time" by Dan Martell.

And is it luck that Dan is speaking at the Two-Brain Summit in 2023? No. Dan will be there to help you grow your business because I connected with him at a live event years ago, and I know you’ll benefit from his knowledge.

I find the right people at the right time by spending a lot of time with the right people. If I want to hire, befriend or partner with driven, positive people, the best way to do it is to go where they are.

So that’s why the theme of this year’s Two-Brain Summit is Connect.

Here are the connections you’re going to make in Chicago.


The people around you are just like you: They’re driven people who want to help others and create great businesses. Lean on them for ideas, support and context.

At our summit in 2019, Jay Williams had everyone in the audience find a partner. Then we pledged to hold each other accountable to an important task. My partner’s job was to hold me accountable for stretching. Every night for the next month, she texted me at 8 p.m.

“Did you stretch today?”

Guess what? I did—because someone was holding me accountable.

When you attend a live event, you’re going to meet some collaborators. You’re going to talk about your gyms. You’re going to get some ideas, some tips and some support. Much of the knowledge available at these events doesn’t come from the stage.


The speakers we’ve selected are industry leaders. Leaders offer new ideas, new ways of thinking and new paths to take.

They also create movement. Jet streams are defined as “narrow bands of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere.” That seems like an apt description for the people who will be on the stage in Chicago.

Every speaker has been selected to create high-level movement. They’re there to help you take action to grow your business fast.

Listen to them, learn from them and talk to them!


Finally, you can connect with your own team members. Use events to strengthen your bonds.

It can be tough to build your team or your culture “at the office.” Taking your staff away for a weekend, showing them your vision, and exposing them to industry leaders and talented peers—all of that is priceless.

Imagine if all staff members were fired up and focused in one direction. Attending an event together is the best way to make that happen.

Let’s Connect!

I look forward to our Summit every year because I know the connections I make push me forward and help me grow my business. I want you to make the connections that will improve your business, too.

Wish you had better “who luck”?

Come to Chicago on June 3 and 4!

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One more thing!

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