Your Members Don't Care About You.

by Jay Williams, TwoBrain Mentor
Your members don’t care about you.
It took me a while to get that through my head.
But it’s true.
They don’t.
They don’t care that you went to regionals or that you have a six pack.
They don’t care how many hours you work, or how much money you made (or lost) last month.
In fact, they don’t care about your gym either.
Your new Eleiko barbells and colorful med balls.
How many members you have, or whether you sell the latest new supplement or bars.
They don’t care that you’re a better value than the gym down the street, or your classes are smaller than the others,
or you have better coaches or parking or bathrooms….
Don’t believe me?
Ask yourself, have you ever had a member you thought to be super loyal to you suddenly leave for another gym? Or just quit outright in a huff after a dispute over a refund or a minor drama at the gym?
They DO NOT care about you.
What DO they care about?
Can you meet their needs?
Can you get them RESULTS?
Can they feel comfortable here?
Do they feel like YOU care about THEM?
Most gym owners make the gym all about them…
Sign up for MY course, check out MY new equipment, check out how cool WE are…
And totally forget that they are there to serve their members…
The owner who understands and caters to their members needs by:
—>Asking what they want (take them out for coffee or run a member survey)
—>creating courses and programs to serve their needs
—>creating systems to give each member the same experience every time
—>maintaining, tweaking, and adjusting based on clients needs.
Always wins in the long term.
With CrossFit gyms facing tougher and tougher competition, you need to start getting out of your own head, and focusing on what is in your member’s heads.
If you need help with that, come see us –


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