Your K-9 Mentor

By Jason Williams, TwoBrain Mentor
My dog is becoming my mentor.
We’ve had our 6 month old pup named Belle since she was 2 months old.

Since she is a lab/shephard mix, she’s unbelievably smart.
Within 2 training sessions, she had learned to sit, stay, lay down, and shake.
Within a month, she was able to do an obstacle course at the gym!
Everything was going swimmingly, until she started growing.
All the sudden, she started barking, jumping up, and ignoring commands.
She still had the same personality, still super smart, still LOOKED like the dog that won “star puppy” at the SPCA training course.
But she was bigger, stronger, and amped up ALL THE TIME!
Something had to change.
I had to take a step back and review the basics again with this bigger, stronger, super dog.
So, after a long walk and some vigorous exercise, we spent an afternoon working again on sit, stay, lay down, and shake.
By the end, she not only had those things down, but my 6 year old could tell her to do them!
And since then, she’s been much more responsive and much more well-behaved.
The process taught me something I applied immediately to my business.
Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward…
That means things like writing your roles and tasks, reviewing your intake process, or revisiting your perfect day.
For me, this meant redefining my roles and tasks, and making sure I had the right people in the right seats.
This made a HUGE difference in the productivity and morale of the team.
Taking this step back doesn’t mean you’ve failed.
You got to where you are NOW based on what you knew THEN.
But that won’t get you where you want to be NEXT.
If you ignore this, you may find yourself building your business on a shaky foundation of ideas you sorta implemented and kinda remember.
Which will lead to a nasty surprise down the road.
Does your business need to take a step back?
Maybe you’ve been doing this a while, and need to do a simple refresh, or maybe you need a total overhaul.
Maybe it’s time to re-do the two brain incubator.
You go back to the basics with 6 weeks of calls focused on fixing the holes or improving the problems in your business.
Many of the modules have been completely re-done for the new year based on what’s important NOW.
If you’re a current growth client it’s available to you at half the normal price.
Email for the coupon code and we’ll get you hooked up.
Jay “dog lover” Williams
PS – Need more reasons to check it out? Anyone who does re-boot gets TWO mentors over the next 6 weeks instead of one.


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