You Teach Them How to Treat You

If someone doesn’t treat you right, it’s not your fault.

But it IS your responsibility.

Human behavior is learned through repetition. As kids, we push boundaries because we’re trying to FIND boundaries.

“Is mom REALLY mad that I’m not cleaning up my Legos…or is this like that time when she was SORTA mad, and then we got ice cream?”

“Is my curfew REALLY 10 o’clock, or will dad start looking for me at 10:30?”

Clear boundaries help kids make better decisions. And pets. And adults.

Tired of getting members’ texts at 11pm? Don’t respond to them.

Members’ complaints grinding you down? Don’t make yourself available for complaints.

Coaches texting in class? Tell them to stop. Have consequences.

Members showing up late? Start class without them. They’ll be on time.

Late cancellations for your PT sessions? Charge them.

Clients won’t pay for 1:1 training? Stop giving it to a few of them for free.

Changing behavior isn’t about being a jerk. Behavior is a learned process of back-and-forth responses. If a client is complaining about prices, it’s because you’ve taught them to complain about prices.

Want members to treat you as a professional? Stop treating THEM as your friends.
Everyone learns. Every second.

Teach them how to treat you.


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