Episode 150 – The Wodify Affiliate Trend Report

A few months ago, Wodify released the results of its “CrossFit Industry Report” survey. The numbers caused a stir.

There are plenty of these surveys out there. Most are subjective: they ask gym owners what they think, or to self-report numbers. But this one is different: it’s an objective look at data pulled directly from 4500 users’ dashboards. And some of that data is downright scary.

Wodify has build their new Business Metrics Dashboard using TwoBrain metrics: ARM, LEG, and LTV. They’re not an official TwoBrain partner, but TwoBrain gyms using Wodify do report a much easier time getting the metrics that matter every month.

So when the report showed an average LEG of 18 months, we were thrilled. Most of our data points to a lower number (around 13.4 months). While our data overlaps Wodify’s, neither encompasses the entire affiliate spectrum. That data doesn’t exist. The truth is probably a little higher than 13.4 months. While there are hundreds of very successful gyms in TwoBrain, gyms who start with us are often looking for help because they’re in trouble. That means clients aren’t sticking around long enough–a lower LEG score–and we work to fix that right away. So Wodify’s LEG report was interesting. But it’s ARM report was shocking.

According to the report, the Average Revenue per Member per Month is $84 at the gyms in the Wodify survey. That’s extremely low. Most TwoBrain gyms are nearer the $200 mark, with some over $250. A gym with $84 would have to recruit and keep THREE TIMES as many clients as a gym with an ARM of $250…and do it with the same number of coaches. Obviously, that’s a recipe for disaster.

So I indulged my curiosity and asked Olivia DiGiorgio about them. Olivia got her start by studying mathematics in college and began a career as a data scientist in the healthcare industry.  After falling in love with CrossFit, Olivia has since shifted to a more action-oriented application of mathematics and is using these skills at Wodify to help CrossFit gym owners better their business, customers, and athletes.  

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