Why I Put My OWN Gym Through The Incubator

Two-Brain Business, my first book, told the story of my gym’s salvation. My second book, Two-Brain Business 2.0, was a map of the exact steps you can take with your own gym. Both contain templates and sample documents, SOPs, and all kinds of stuff–the exact ones I used at Catalyst.
When I began mentoring other gym owners in 2012, I shared my own documents and best practices. I even put my gym handbook in an envelope and mailed it out to my first clients!
And when I built the first Incubator in 2016, it was full of partnership agreements, NDAs, sample legal documents, playbooks, SOPs, rules and regulations…everything I was using at Catalyst. I even had my own staff training videos in there!
But the REAL beauty, the real miracle of TwoBrain, is that our material is constantly upgraded. Let me explain:
When one of the 500 gyms in the TwoBrain family has a great idea, their mentor shares it with the team. We ask, “Is this better than what we’re currently doing? Can we prove it?”
And if, after some testing, the new way really IS better, we upgrade! We buy the rights to the great idea and put it in our materials for everyone to use.
So now you’ll find staff handbooks from Kaleda, sample ads from Mateo, sales scripts from Blake…and far less from me. You’ll get sales binder templates based on Brian’s amazing packages. You’ll get the best from New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden…all of it. When your mentor says, “Do this, here’s a template to get you started” you’re literally copying and adapting the best in the WORLD.
Back to my gym, Catalyst.
In the massive rush to constantly upgrade TwoBrain, I was content to let Catalyst run on its systems. I didn’t need to worry about growth; we had great retention and coaching. So I literally paid it no mind for almost two years (I know you’re worried about me, but don’t! I still got paid. 🙂 )
That means Catalyst wasn’t operating at the TwoBrain standard anymore. Sure, it was fine…but it wasn’t as great as it could be. So I put my own gym through my own mentoring program.
First, I found an incredible GM in Jamie Stadnisky. I linked him up with Greg Strauch, the perfect matching mentor at TwoBrain. And they started from scratch: new contracts, new playbooks, new best practices. Because it ain’t 2016 anymore.
Jamie immediately upgraded our gym experience for our beloved members. He kept the great stuff, like The Gift (where we buy Christmas gifts for 70 families) and the Intramural Open (which started at Catalyst). But he added the best in the world, which we’ve curated from the rest of the TwoBrain family.
Now he’s about to start the TwoBrain Marketing program with Mateo, and I’m thrilled.
Did Catalyst HAVE to upgrade? Nah. The gym is still my pride and joy. It’s great. But my clients and staff deserve the very best, so I put Jamie through the Incubator. It’s the only program of its kind on the planet.
…and we’ll do it again next year!


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