Why Hire a Mentor

by Ken Andrukow, TwoBrain Mentor

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. As a successful business owner I will tell you I could not have accomplished my goals without help–from a mentor, colleague, friend or even family. Looking outside my business gave the ability to evaluate, internalize and act on the counsel I received and was instrumental in making my companies successful.

Successful business leaders leave a path of breadcrumbs, follow them. Why would you take advice from someone that is not already been where or beyond where you’d like to see yourself.
Hiring a mentor is not a path to shortcuts. However, a mentor can help you make better decisions and avoid unnecessary defeats. A mentor can also help you identify and make sense of what you already know, and give you the leverage to take action on the most important pieces.
There are no original ideas left in the world so why try to reinvent the wheel. Whatever you’re trying to do, it’s probably already been done before. Learn from those that have already successfully navigated a similar situation, solved a problem and are profiting.
A mentor, especially one that you hire, is someone who will not pull any punches, they will provide the unbiased advice you need most. Hire a mentor that is someone who has the experience, or expertise, that you looking to achieve.
In the fitness business we are quick to tell athletes that they need to hire a coach if they want the best results. Remember there are experts waiting to help you solve your business problems.
Eventually you may get there on your own however why wouldn’t you want to have someone give you the playbook that made them successful in the same field. The lessons you will learn will be invaluable and will give you the mindset necessary to ensure your success.

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