Why Do You Own A Gym?

By Ken Andrukow, TwoBrain Mentor
To make a quick buck? To be surrounded by beautiful, fit people? So your friends will pay to work out with you?
There are probably thousands of fitness trends that, if you were to invest in them as a business owner, would provide you with a means to these goals. CrossFit is different.
We build a community based on shared values: health, being physically prepared for the real world, and personal growth. As a CrossFit gym owner, you are in the enviable position of being able to make a career sharing your passion for these values with others. With this privilege comes great responsibility.
On one level, you are responsible for the success or failure of your gym and with that accountability comes the need to be exceptionally productive—a concept your mentor will help you manifest in your earliest days with Two-Brain Business.
However, authentic leadership goes deeper than that. You are leading a community based on shared values, so HOW you live needs to be a reflection of these values. Nobody wants to follow a leader who is struggling and suffering. People want you to lead and be an example for which they will pay the appropriate value. Living a pied piper’s life is not something that people aspire to or are inspired by.
Leadership through pursuing your values requires you to continually ask yourself the question: why do I own a gym?
I built a company so that I would be able to help others and then to be able to help others help others. I see exponential growth in everyone around me because it’s part of my core values and I make sure in my perfect day as a gym owner, I’m investing in others.
For example, I could coach 10 classes a day of 20 athletes and positively impact their growth. That seems like a step in the right direction, but what if I aim higher? Instead, I could teach my staff to be high-functioning coaches and business people so they can influence those athletes. Then I can leverage my time to move up another level to influence more coaches who influence athletes, and business owners who then influence more coaches, who then influence more athletes. This is a more powerful investment and pays much richer dividends.
Moreover, I built a company so that I can grow my influence outside of just my gym, my city or even my country. This year I will travel to Africa, Spain, Columbia, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Las Vegas, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. On these travels, I will open myself to new influences—new cultures, personalities, languages, customs, and beliefs.
By teaching others how to influence and empowering them to do the same, I’m walking the walk, living my values and extending greater and greater factors of influence. In turn, your community wants you to live your perfect day so you can support their efforts towards their perfect day. Remind yourself of your purpose daily to push your leadership forwards.


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