What got you here…

…might not get you where you want to go.
by Jay Williams, TwoBrain Mentor
Do you have any coaches that just aren’t cutting it?
When you see them, or take their classes, you just sigh?
Maybe they USED to be great, but they’ve fallen off.
And because you have such a history with them, it’s really hard to get through anymore.
The hardest part of running a business is people.
Finding them, hiring them, and motivating them.
and letting them go.
Sometimes talking to them doesn’t work.
Motivation tactics don’t work.
Uncomfortable conversations don’t work.
Sometimes you have to realize that the people who got you to where you are NOW aren’t going to help you get to where you need to GO.
This is especially hard if you’re the kind of person who feels like you can make a difference in anyone’s lives.
A compassionate, caring person, who is not willing to give up on people…even when they give up on themselves.
You know, Like a gym owner…
But sometimes, those people have to go.
When (not if) you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself a few questions.
1) Have I had the difficult conversation and honestly told them what the problem is?
2) Has the problem improved? or has it repeated itself multiple times despite my best efforts?
3) Is this person improving or reducing my vision of what I want my business to be?
4) Would I hire this person again, knowing what I know now?
5) Am I happy to see this person every day?
If you don’t have a positive answer to at least 4 of 5 of these questions (especially the last one), it’s time to let go.
Be nice about it.
Maybe offer them a month or two of pay, or help them find another job…
But do everything you can to make it happen, NOW.
Because you can’t afford to keep them one more month.


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