What does #CEO mean?

By Jay Williams, Two-Brain Mentor
When you think of a CEO, what pops in your head?
Money? power? respect?
Doing whatever you want?
Ruling the WORLD!?!?
That’s what I used to think.
After running a business for 9 years and talking to hundreds of other business owners…
The reality is a lot less sexy.
The best CEO’s take responsibility for everything, good and bad.
In large companies, the CEO is celebrated if the stock goes up, and put on the chopping block if it goes down.
They are responsible for hiring all the key leadership.
Their pay is made public and scrutinized.
Any scandals they are involved in are in the front page of the paper.
It’s NOT an easy job.
We often talk about becoming the CEO of our small businesses.
What does that mean for you?
It’s taking responsibility for every little problem and solving it.
It’s making sure you hire the right people at key positions.
It’s setting aside time to plan the direction of your company…
Then figuring out how to make your plan a reality.
It’s taking care of yourself (working out, eating right, and recovering) so you have the energy to do your job well.
It’s setting the example for your staff and customers.
AND it’s making sure the business is profitable enough to help you achieve your perfect day so you can maintain this for the long term.
It’s not easy.
You have to WANT to be the CEO to get the benefits of being one.
That means working ON your business rather than IN your business.
And it starts by learning what you need to work on.
Which is why you need a mentor.
Schedule your next call today, even if you don’t think you need one.
Jay “#CEO” Williams


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