What Comes First: Marketing or Mentorship?

When you break your day down into the roles you fill at the gym, how much time do you spend marketing?
If marketing is ALL of your time, you’re a marketer. But if marketing is only SOME of your time, you’re a business owner.
Specialists (marketers) work for generalists (business owners) because your business is SO much larger than the marketing piece.
As I wrote yesterday in “The Curse of the Lottery Winner“, marketing takes on disproportionate importance when you don’t have money. But when it works, and you HAVE money, do all your problems disappear? Of course not.
I’ve done this broke, and I’ve done it with a lot of money in my account. Having money is better than not. But the way your business is set up to handle new leads; the way your staff is compensated; the way your clients are retained–and even the type of marketing you do–are far bigger questions than “How do I build a Facebook ad?”
Five years ago, Facebook wasn’t the most popular platform in the world for advertising. Five years from now, it will no longer be. What then?
(Your mentor will know the answer.)


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