We're all Back in Founder Phase

A woman poised at starting line with 'We're All Back in Founder Phase' in text

You might be struggling a bit right now. That’s normal.
Your business platform has disappeared. Your payment processor might have stressed you out. Your landlord isn’t helping. And your staff can’t help you much.
You might feel alone right now. And tired.
In other words, you have a whole new business now. You’re back in Founder Phase again.
The good news: You’ve been here before. You know you can get through it.
The bad news: It was hard the first time. And you’re not eager to start from scratch.
Here’s how to get through Founder Phase fast, get ahead of this thing and actually come out better.

The First Steps


1. Give your staff a week off.

You’re going to go at this solo to figure it out. You’ll probably recall staff later. But for now, remove the stress of managing them.

2. Visualize yourself in 90 days.

Where do you want the business to be? How much money will it take to keep you afloat? Have you asked your landlord for help? Before you start doing the tactical work, remove as many distractions as you can.

3. Firm up your foundation.

Keep your clients. Pivot to customized delivery of your core service. Make sure they all know they’ll be billed at the start of next month.

4. Fill the cash-flow gap.

Run an online kids class or run a supplement pre-order to generate a bit of cash flow. (Both are in our new Online Coaching Course for Two-Brain clients.)

5. Check your Google My Business listing.

Make sure it doesn’t show “closed” on it.

Next: Steps to Ascension

Now you’ve stopped the free fall. Time to climb again.
1. Imagine you’re starting your business from scratch again. Get your mindset right.
2. Set up three tiers of your service: exercise only, exercise plus nutrition and exercise plus mindset coaching.
3. Send the details of your new service to your email list and post on your personal Facebook profile.
4. Build ads for a 21-day challenge with the 3 tiers.
5. Start booking No Sweat Intros with new clients.
6. Deliver your service to your current clients and your new clients.
7. Record your processes as you create them. Leave deep tracks.
8. Hire staff to help you where possible (probably on the delivery side).
All of the above is laid out step by step in our new Online Coaching Course. It’s part of the Incubator now.

Keep Going

Yes, it’s going to be tough.
Yes, it’s going to be overwhelming: You’ll feel like you’re learning a lot, implementing a ton and and zig-zagging around a bit.
But the only way out is through.
You’ve done it before.
You’re more than enough.


One more thing!

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