Upgrading Your Team

The people who got you here might not be the people who get you there.
You can do six things to grow your gym business. Upgrading your team is one of them. On the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit®, we dedicate four entire rows to defining roles and tasks; creating agreements; and hiring, training, paying, promoting and releasing staff.

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time training ourselves to be better leader—thinking about our wins and losses and learning from them. But we don’t spend much time teaching our staff to be leaders. So when it’s time to grow, we promote someone into a management role, and we’re surprised that the person doesn’t know how to lead people.
Or maybe we’re surprised he or she doesn’t take initiative like we do, look for problems to solve before they occur or possess the knowledge needed to succeed in the new role. In businesses everywhere, we promote people to the level of incompetence and then fire them.
In a gym, this could look like:
– A friendly athlete is hired as a part-time coach.
– The person quits another job to go all in on coaching.
– You promote the person to general manager. But he or she isn’t really interested in enforcing your late-billing rules or restocking your inventory. The new GM isn’t great at selling memberships.
– You have two choices: Fire or look over the person’s shoulder and do the job for him or her.
This week, I’m going to tell you:
– How to ascend your staff using the Career Growth ToolKit tool.
– How to train your staff for new roles.
– How to find new staff for higher-level roles.
– How to part ways with staff who won’t be part of your next chapter.
Let’s face it: The CEO job is one that you probably weren’t prepared to take when you opened a gym. You’ve had to learn an entirely new skill set. No matter what new roles your staff members fill, they’ll have to learn how to do them, too.

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