You have a LOT of opportunities.

You probably also have a lot of hard things that you NEED to do. And FOMO. And overwhelm. And maybe a family that would love to see your face in the daylight hours…

How do you take action on everything, or prioritize? Which thing do you do first? How do you overcome fear of possible outcomes and knock over the first domino?

In this short episode, I’ll tell you how.

This episode is brought to you by the 2017 TwoBrain UK Summit, November 11-12 at Thames CrossFit in London, England. Register here!

If you’re a gym owner and haven’t read Two-Brain Business, you can get a copy here. My original blog, which started in 2009, was (it hasn’t been updated in YEARS.)

A few resources to get you started:

Action! – my podcast episode from last month

Seth Godin’s blog

Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck? by Seth

The ShipIt Journal (or I use Two-Brain family members use the 2017 CEO Book)

The TwoBrain Incubator is here.

The Dan Martell episode is here.

Find Gino Wickman’s books (Traction and Get a Grip) here.

UpCoach will soon be available to everyone, not just TwoBrain Business clients.

Get free help from our series of videos here: WWW.TWOBRAINBUSINESS.COM/HELP

Next week’s guest will be Jeremy Augusta of!


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