Two Clicks To Book: Simplifying Your Intake Process

Amazon has patented 1-click ordering for a reason.

Readiness is fleeting. You warm up right before you work out, not two days before. Like exercise, purchasing decisions require a state of readiness–and when a client is ready, you want them to take action.

If you’re looking at a book on Amazon, and you like the description, you’re ready to buy right away. Does Amazon ask you to fill out a form requesting more information? Do they say, “Like this? Contact Us Below.” No: they say “Buy.”

The psychology of purchase is similar to the psychology of commitment. In the service industry, we can substitute “Buy” for “Book“–as in, “Click here to book an appointment.”

Your website should have a clear path to action, ending with a way to book an appointment online.

A client should be able to book an appointment–for a free consultation or “No-Sweat Intro”–from your main page in two clicks or less.

This requires a change away from “Try a free class!” as an entry point. TwoBrain gyms know they’re not just selling with free samples; they’re consulting with clients to determine the best strategy for each one. That means a conversation before anything else. We call it a No Sweat Intro at Catalyst; you can call it anything you like. But make sure a client can see a calendar and book a time to chat. They should always be two clicks away from having an appointment, no matter where they are on your site.

The rest of our Intake and Bright Spots modules talk about what to say when the client’s in front of you; how to run a No Sweat Intro; and what data to collect. But the hardest part of getting a client to that point is to remove obstacles.

When I gave the “two clicks or less” homework to one gym, they added 7 new personal training clients in two weeks.

If your booking and billing software doesn’t make it easy for clients to book appointments, consider switching. OR many Two-Brain gyms now use Acuity – about $20 per month, and you can get up to three months free. Click here to check it out. I also use Acuity on this site for free consultations and appointments for gym owners.

In the service industry, “selling” mostly means “getting out of the way”.  If a client is home alone on Friday night, watching her friends post “going out” pics to Instagram and eating ice cream, she might decide it’s time to make a change in her life. Why ask her to wait until Monday?


One more thing!

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