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You’re probably lunging wrong. I was.

Possibly even doing pushups wrong. And definitely the Samson Stretch.

This is why you can’t have nice things! Just kidding. But knowing WHY you choose a given exercise can have a lot to do with its correction and instruction. In this episode, we run through a few common mistakes Dr. Phillip Carlyle teaches through his SpinalFit program.

But MORE importantly, we talk about what CrossFit coaches are doing RIGHT. Phillip is a CrossFitter, a chiropractor and owner of, and he believes most chiropractors will want to work with you if you handle the relationship properly.

Phillip’s program can serve as a bridge between chiropractic care and your group classes, but it can also open a huge new demographic. We talk about bridging that gap–both in coaching and business–and how to grow your practice that way.

Phillip also believes that yoga isn’t enough to keep you moving well, and that chiropractors should seek ways to keep their clients moving, rather than stagnating. It’s all interesting, and has immediate applicability for your clients and potential community chiro partners. A few highlights:

  • Chiropractic patients hold their adjustments longer if they’re fit.
  • Chiropractic clients must keep moving. Guided movement is preferable.
  • Most chiropractors want to refer to trainers, but don’t have a trustworthy connection to one.
  • Yoga isn’t nearly enough.
  • The model is probably best for “natural” exercise levels.

Some vertebral mobility exercises from Phillip:

Recorded on November 12, 2015.

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