I met Jason Ackerman at St Jude’s Children’s Hospital in 2013.


We were touring the hospital as part of CrossFit for Hope. Jason had been invited as a major fundraiser for the program. At the time, he was on the L1 Seminar Staff, owned two gyms and was running one of the largest CrossFit for Hope events in the world.

Over the next several months, Jay and I shared a weekly call to discuss business, but regularly digressed into training clients, diet and programming. After a few months, Jay accepted an offer for his affiliate (CrossFit Albany) that was the highest price I’ve ever seen paid for a gym of this type. Most “box”-style gyms really aren’t worth more than the value of their used equipment. But Jason managed to sell a BRAND, not a BOX. We go into great detail on that process in this interview.

CrossFit Soulshine was his next project, but two weeks into ownership Jay took a vacation to Florida…and stayed there. He leapt again, and now “works” virtually with his nutrition clients.

The Squat Therapy Podcast is Jason’s weekly show on training, motivation and coaching. It’s not always PG-13, but Jason’s well-connected and has some fantastic discussions. Visit SquatTherapy.com for info.

Jay’s top takeaways on coaching nutrition and CrossFit, and building a business:

  • Set up a monthly nutrition meeting with new members
  • Stick with the basics. You’re probably over-programming
  • You’re probably not coaching enough. How would you fill an hour if the workout was “Fran”?

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Recorded October 19, 2015.