Are You Treating the Symptoms and Not The Cause?

Are You Treating the Symptoms and Not The Cause?
Your affiliate gym has been open for twelve months. The initial launch went well, but after the first wave of memberships had come in, you’re still catching up to the capital investments you made just to open your doors. What’s more, is the spending isn’t slowing down. There are things you didn’t take into account that are just now revealing themselves. In looking at your membership numbers, you’re bleeding a little bit, and you need to start turning a profit or the savings you’ve been using to fund the business are going to run out soon.
What’s the solution?
Are you an affiliate owner who thinks “if I can just only get 50 more members, everything will be ok?”
More members equal more money in the bank account, right? So you may be tempted to run some agressive promotions, maybe a Groupon or similar to bring in new people. However, have you considered how this can affect your gym?
Can you accommodate the new members in your existing classes, or will you have to add more classes outside your current blocks? Will members use these workout times, or will you have to cap attendance in the cornerstone 6 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. WODs and leave your loyal members frustrated with the crowds? How will your long-time members feel about working out alongside new additions who are paying half of what they are? Will you have to hire more coaches to provide the same quality of attention and care your members deserve? Will you have to work longer hours to administer the large numbers of people coming in for a fraction of what they should be?
The symptom of your problem is that your profits are too low, but increasing incoming cash flow while also increasing your expenses in cash and time is just chasing the dragon.
You need to stop applying a band-aid to your business and treat the cause. That is where the real healing begins.
What is holding your business back from being profitable in the first place? Are you making a living doing what you are doing? Are you creating opportunities for growth for your coaches so they never feel the need to go off and open their own gyms?
At Two-Brain Business we teach you the “Road to 33%.” That’s right, 33% profit. Profit is not a dirty word, it is a necessary objective in order to build the business you have always wanted to build. If you can revamp your gym’s business model to make it more profitable, you will be able to provide the highest level service, buy nice equipment and have the lifestyle you want, all while helping hundreds of people change their lives.
Moreover, if you as the affiliate owner are miserable and unhappy, you won’t be around long enough to make others happy. When an affiliate fails it doesn’t just mean the end of your dream, you’re letting down an entire community who looked to you to for leadership in their journeys towards amazing health.
We know how much of an impact you can have on these hundreds of lives and how much growth you can promote in others. When we talk to you, over your shoulder we can see all of the people you directly and indirectly support. When you can fix the underlying cause of your business malaise, your business grows healthy and strong, just like your customers.
Are you ready to get healthy?

Brian Alexander
Two-Brain Business Mentor
Owner/CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) -CrossFit Illumine & Illumine North

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