Ray Gowlett leads our UpCoach program. He is a former MMA fighter and motocross rider. In addition to this he is a big questioner of authority specifically within the education system. Ray in many ways is a shit disturber and what he doesn’t like is dogma, fake research, and unqualified opinion. If you are part of our UpCoach program you’ve spoken to Ray and you know he bounces around a lot. Today we are talking about the ten basic habits that every coach should have. The UpCoach program develops these qualities as he has learned himself so if you are looking for help within your gym be sure to reach out. Ray’s lectures at the Two-Brain Summit this summer will be amazing. If you have not already register do it now!

Reminder the 2017 Two-Brain Summit coming this June 3rd and 4th in Chicago. Be sure to register now!

Top 10 Habits Every Coach Should Adopt:

  • Limit your coaching cues when working with clients
  • Be an expert in personality types so that you can relate to clients effectively
  • Adapt your coaching style to each client and personality
  • Give clients what they want and not what you want
  • See the big picture for your business and your client
  • Eliminate arrogance within your coaching style
  • Be wary of the “next big thing”
  • Learn and become educated to understand evidence and research
  • Understand the different needs and positions of your clients
  • Learn the “bend, don’t break” principles relation to exercise

About Ray:

Ray Gowlett is a former professional MMA fighter, motocross racer and current research skeptic. His lab contains almost 600 subjects (it’s a high school) and Ray is constantly seeking new ways to teach and coach. Many of these kids are high-level athletes; just as many don’t want to be in the class at all. He’s always trying new things, but this cross-pollination of students means every innovation has to satisfy two standards:

  1. It has to make people fitter;
  2. It has to make people happier.

Ray coined the phrase we repeat at Catalyst often: “Exercise until you’re happy.” It’s the base of the hierarchy he teaches students. He also teaches research skepticism: how to read and rank the value of “research.” Imagine a generation of people who believe what they read on Facebook: that’s what’s coming, except for the students in Ray’s classes.


1:33 – Ray Gowlett Introduction

2:44 – The top ten really simple coaching habits every coach should adopt

4:02 – The importance of having mentors and coaches throughout your life

4:46 – Coaching Habit 1: Keeping your coaching cues to three or less

9:26 – Coaching Habit 2: Learn about personality types to effectively adapt to clients

11:03 – Personality tools to determine your personality type

12:33 – Coaching Habit 3: Being a different coach for every person

15:23 – Coaching Habit 4: Give clients what they want and not what you want

17:25 – Coaching Habit 5: See the big picture for your business and clients

19:58 – Coaching Habit 6: Eliminate arrogant coaching

22:52 – Ridiculous and arrogant posts from CrossFit box owners

23:35 – Coaching Habit 7: Be weary of the next big thing

25:35 – Cyclical knowledge and trends within the fitness industry

26:23 – Coaching Habit 8: Learning about understanding evidence and research

29:49 – Coaching Habit 9: Sharpening the saw and being critical of new ideas

31:38 – Coaching Habit 10: Understand all the different needs and positions of your clients

33:20 – Understanding projection bias within your program

35:41 – Coaching Habit 11: Be the voice your client wants to hear

38:38 – The way in which you should talk to your clients

39:46 – Coaching Habit 12: Bend don’t break principle

41:26 – The many types of conjugated periodization

45:04 – Two-Brain Business Summit Registration


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