The Up-Coach 90 Day Challenge

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We want to make your coaches better.

We train the two sides of a coaching brain: the left (analytical) and the right (emotional.) We want your coaches to know movements and people.

A major part of good coaching is understanding why a particular workout was chosen for a particular audience on a particular day. The “Why?” should always precede the “How?”

We call this type of deliberate programming “Benefits-Based Programming.” Choosing workouts that are “hard for the sake of hard” or because “we haven’t done thrusters in awhile” is “Features-Based Programming.”

Here’s more on the topic:

Benefits-Based and Features-Based Programming
Starting your programming from “Why?” will also help the programmer answer the questions that make for great workouts:

  1. What’s the best way to achieve the result I seek?
  2. What’s the simplest way? (The Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule)
  3. What’s the easiest way?

It will help the coach scale the workouts appropriately, by asking:

  1. What’s the intended result of this workout?
  2. How can the client achieve the result without X exercise?
  3. If I had to achieve the result without X equipment, how would I do it?

It will help the client answer:

  1. What is this workout doing for me?
  2. Why did I choose this gym?
  3. Why did I show up today?

Even if you don’t adopt Benefits-Based Programming forever, spending 90 days focused on the “Why?” of your workouts will help everyone.


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