We want to make your coaches better.

We train the two sides of a coaching brain: the left (analytical) and the right (emotional.) We want your coaches to know movements and people.

A major part of good coaching is understanding WHY a particular workout was chosen for a particular audience on a particular day. The “Why?” should always precede the “How?”

We call this type of deliberate programming “Benefits-Based Programming.” Choosing workouts that are “hard for the sake of hard” or because “we haven’t done thrusters in awhile” is “Features-Based Programming.”

Here’s more on the topic:

Benefits-Based and Features-Based Programming

Starting your programming from “Why?” will also help the programmer answer the questions that make for great workouts:

  1. What’s the best way to achieve the result I seek?
  2. What’s the simplest way? (The Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule)
  3. What’s the easiest way?

It will help the coach scale the workouts appropriately, by asking:

  1. What’s the intended result of this workout?
  2. How can the client achieve the result without X exercise?
  3. If I had to achieve the result without X equipment, how would I do it?

It will help the client answer:

  1. What is this workout doing for ME?
  2. Why did I choose THIS gym?
  3. Why did I show up TODAY?

Even if you don’t adopt Benefits-Based Programming forever, spending 90 days focused on the “Why?” of your workouts will help everyone.


Up-Coach 90-Day Challenge

Beginning April 1, get better at Benefits-Based Programming!

Stage I (30 Days)

Explain the “why” of the workout every day, at every class.

Stage II (30 Days)

Explain the “why” of the workout every day on your site with your WOD post.

Stage III (30 Days)

Explain ONLY the “why” of the workout on your site, with a few details of the WOD.

Those are the basics! Of course, there are rules…because there’s an awesome prize:

A full YEAR of Up-Coach!

Start your commitment to making your staff better in April, and we’ll take it from there. One gym in the Challenge will win 12 months of Up-Coach (including the ATC course and full access to all legacy modules.)

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