The Six Habits of Highly Profitable Gyms

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What do the most profitable microgyms in the world have in common?
Why do some gym owners become two to 10 times more successful than average?
We’ve spent the last few years studying profitable gyms—finding their commonalities and then working backward to build a Growth ToolKit to help our clients get to success.
In this series, I’m going to tell you exactly what the top gyms in the world are doing—things you might not be doing. Stuff like this:

– Why gym owners who offer fewer services earn more.

– Which metrics the leading gyms actually track and why they matter.

– How the top gym owners can spend 99 percent of their time working on their businesses instead of in their businesses.

– Why the most successful gyms can charge 20-30 percent more than their competition.

– How the best gyms are marketing their services.

This will not be:

– A “secret” marketing campaign.

– “Easy money.”

– Bait and switch.

To benefit from this series, you must be willing to:

– Think long term.

– Help First.

– Do the work necessary to build an enduring gym.

If you are willing to do that, you’re going to get amazing results from this series. Here’s how I’ll deliver these hard-won lessons to you over the next posts:
In Part 2, I’ll tell you how to focus your time and energy on the things that matter. Then I’ll tell you the numbers you need to focus on to be successful.
In Part 3, I’ll tell you how to delegate so you can work on your business, instead of in it. I’ll also tell you how to charge what you’re worth (most people don’t believe it when they hear it … until I prove it).
In Part 4, I’ll use Two-Brain Radio to introduce you to Peter Brasovan and Jared Byczko, who will share a ton of insight on running their million-dollars-plus gym. It’s amazing.
Finally, I’ll host a free webinar on the topic, in which I’ll answer your questions and share the remainder of the Six Habits. Last time I did this, we hit our 500-registrant cap, and I answered over 100 questions from the audience (we were on there for over two hours, and I legitimately got choked up while answering a great question from Ric Thompson).

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One more thing!

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