The Second Sin of Social Media (Even Bigger!)

Yesterday, I wrote you a letter about the “First Sin of Social Media” (failure to repeat yourself.)
But the Second Sin of Social might be even BIGGER.
The Second Sin is putting the “Media” before the “Social”.
My friend Sherman Merricks recently sold out his Revive program–an eight-week all-inclusive program, priced around $400–with 50 clients pre-registered…without using any social media ads. Sherman puts the SOCIAL in social media.
He might as well be the Mayor of Gainesville: he talks to EVERYONE. In his gym, outside his gym…he has a huge personality and works on it all the time.
On a recent podcast episode, I asked Sherman what he spent on Facebook ads. He said “nothing.” But he does spend a LOT of time talking to people. He gets out from behind the screen and shakes hands.
Does he host Facebook Live videos? Absolutely. And who comments on them? Mostly the people he already knows.
Social media is a funnel that pulls everyone in. It’s very easy to get “funnel vision” and forget that relationships are REALLY started and maintained outside the phone, through handshakes, hugs and eye contact.
At Catalyst, most of our “sales” come from Goal Reviews and No-Sweat Intros: in-person meetings where we ask, “What do YOU want?” instead of trying to push an idea through media.
Does that means Facebook and Instagram and Twitter are useless? Of course not. They amplify your message. They show your personality. But they don’t replace either.


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