The REAL Path to Success

Friends, this is what the path to success looks like (extend to infinity).

You’re going to make progress. Then you’re going to backtrack ALMOST to zero again. Then you’ll make a bit more progress, and then you’ll backtrack ALMOST to the point you were last time. Progress, backtrack; progress; backtrack.

But here’s the reason to keep going:

Every time you loop back, you won’t go quite as far backward as before. The loops get smaller.

And you’ll also start to notice that you’re not backtracking quite as often as before. Some day you’ll look up and think, “Wow, I’ve gone a whole year without any major problems.” And when you have problems, thinking this way will help you keep your perspective.

Nikole, a mentoring client,  coined the hashtag #highclassproblems. She’s an expert. And I love the phrase, because it reminds me that, while problems will never go away, they get smaller in magnitude and less frequent over time.

Many business owners are stuck in that first loop forever.

You’re not.

If for no other reason, keep going because today’s problems are slightly less horrible than last year’s problems. I’ve been there. The exercise works.


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