The Only Constant in Life is Change

By Brian Alexander owner of CrossFit Illumine and TwoBrain Mentor
It is our ability to adapt that defines us, and exposes our true character. Truly successful people are confident that they could be thrown into any situation and end up right side up every time. It is that confidence that radiates through certain individuals. Those are the resilient.  They are never victims because they believe they have the power to take control and adapt.
Life doesn’t simply just happen to us.  We have a complex relationship with the circumstances and outcomes of our lives and experiences.
Things will never be perfect and people will always view the world through different lenses.
When difficult realities arise you must adapt, you must embrace change and you must be resilient.
Be very weary of giving up.  For it is the things that we do frequently that we become very good at.  It becomes a part of you, a part of your character.  Never quit when things don’t go exactly your way. You are better than that. We are better than that.
Those who do not embrace change must then embrace mediocrity. Our ability to adapt and roll with the punches is what defines us.
Keep moving forward.


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