The New Currency

Every morning, I wake up at 4am to write.
But before I do, I check my accounts.
I start with Buzzsprout, which hosts my Podcast. Then I check my book sales on Createspace, then my blog reads, and then my social media shares.
I usually remember to check my bank balances, too. But these are far less important, so if my coffee’s ready, I skip them.
It might sound funny to hear a business mentor say “Knowing who’s paying attention is more important than knowing who’s paying money.” But it’s true.
First, your current clients–those who are paying you money–are paying attention. But it wasn’t always that way. No one believes in “spend at first sight” anymore. More realistically, all clients started paying you money at some point in a longer conversation. And they’ll continue to pay until some future point, when their needs are no longer met by your service.
Some of my gym’s members have been around for over a decade. We still have more to talk about.
Others left the conversation after two years. And some have been listening without responding for even longer. Some leave, and come back when they see the conversation is still going strong. Some ask questions; some wait for answers they’re too shy to ask.
Every day for the last four years, four people bought Two-Brain Business. It probably wasn’t the first time they heard from me. It definitely won’t be the last. They’re all in the conversation now. When I travel to seminars, their voices gain a face.
What if I had stayed mute?


One more thing!

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