The 10-Hour CEO Guide

Friends, I want you to take this weekend off. No gym, no homework. You only have to answer one question by Monday: where are you worst?
Of all the hours you’re putting in every week, I guarantee there’s ONE that could be done better by someone else. If, on Friday, you struggle to respond politely to “Will lifting weights make me bulky?”–take that hour off. Fire yourself from that spot. Find someone else to be in the gym at that time.
If you’re cutting corners at cleaning, fire yourself.
Fire yourself from one hour–your worst hour–next week. This weekend, choose that hour.
I’m attaching “The Ten-Hour CEO” from Two-Brain Business 2.0. By June, I’d like each of you to be spending 10 hours per week in a CEO role, or doing what gets you closer to “Perfect Day.”
You’re going to start next week by dedicating ONE hour to that role. Block it off in your calendar. Book a call with your mentor. Do the next module in your program(they’re in a particular order for a reason.)
Next week, you’re going to commit to TWO hours in the CEO chair.

Here’s the template I use with many mentoring clients:
10-Hour CEO


One more thing!

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