On today’s podcast we are joined by Tate Stewart of CrossFit 1420. Tate is a former college football player and strength and conditioning coach from Houston, Texas. Today we talk about  leadership in the service industry. Tate is an accomplished gym owner, and he’s about to complete the TwoBrain mentor-in-training program. 

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In this Interview:

  • A unique story about service to others from Chris
  • The process of raising your gym’s rates
  • The TwoBrain mentoring philosophy



About Tate:

Tate is a former college football player at the University of Houston. After suffering from a bad injury he transitioned into a college strength and conditioning coach and helped athletes prepare for the NFL draft. Tate was introduced to CrossFit and while initially hesitant became hooked very quickly. With the motivation to provide a better life for his family, he opened a CrossFit gym, CrossFit 1420.

Tate is a selfless leader, constantly putting others before himself. This can be credited largely to his mentors throughout his life. The importance of good mentorship is invaluable and something Tate believes strongly in.


2:47 – A unique story about service to others

8:33 – Tate Stewart introduction and how he got started in CrossFit

10:27 – Tate’s start as a college football strength and conditioning coach

11:37 – The first impression of the CrossFit world

13:48 – Making big changes to open a gym and provide for a family

15:58 – Turning to others to find help, how to find a mentor

20:53 – Tate’s introduction to the TwoBrain Family

23:15 – What is the greatest lesson Tate ever learned from his father?

26:50 – The mentorship of legendary coach Lee Hayes

28:57 – The personnel structure of Tate’s gym and keeping everyone on the same page

35:18 – The process of raising rates by exhibiting authoritative and servant leadership

39:57 – The response from clients after raising rates

44:04 – Grandfather Rates and how to implement them and deal with inconsistent rates

54:03 – How important is it for a mentor to have gone through struggles in their own life

61:56 – The process of being trained as a TwoBrain mentor

68:36 – The mentoring process under the TwoBrain philosophy


Books we mention in this episode:

Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness, by Gene Edwards

The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay

Silence, by Shusaku Endo


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