Let’s Get Tactical: How High-Speed Mentorship Works

Mentorship concept: A bunch of squiggly lines pass through a gold target and come out straight.

When you buy mentorship, you’re buying speed.

I know this because a mentor quickly helped me solve problems that I had been struggling with for years.

As I struggled alone, the knots grew tighter, and I got more frustrated.

Things got so bad that I found myself on a park bench after a 13-hour day. Exhausted, I realized I could work really hard, but I wasn’t making much progress.

I took a gamble and hired a mentor.

It was like going into light speed in a “Star Wars” movie. Everything changed and the business leapt forward.

Now I get to help others have that same experience. Here’s an example:

 “I ‘retired’ from teaching one week and was at the Two-Brain Summit the next—and left with a mentor! I hired them because I knew I would grow faster with a mentor than if I stumbled through on my own,” Cameron White said.

I wish I had done something like that in 2010.

Mentorship and Tactics

This is the thousand-foot view of how mentorship works: You set a goal with a mentor, the mentor provides a plan and all the resources you need to accomplish it, and the mentor makes sure you take action.

I laid out our entire mentorship process in detail here.

To show you what mentorship looks like at ground level, we asked some of our clients for details about how a mentor saved them time and stress. Here are a few examples.

One gym owner with a huge number of clients was spending an excessive amount of time creating his weekly coaching schedule. His mentor helped him adjust the process to save him four to six hours every week. That’s 16-24 hours a month!

Another gym owner reported that his mentor provides accountability so he enters critical metrics in the Two-Brain Dashboard every month. The result? He makes informed, “non-emotional” decisions based on data, and he avoids lots of mistakes.

Another gym owner wanted to put in a smoothie bar. Her mentor helped her evaluate the plan and determine it was not a great idea (smoothie bars in gyms rarely succeed). She refocused on how she could actually serve her clients better and avoided a costly mistake.

One gym owner knew he needed to implement a rate increase but was struggling to act. His mentor said “do it next Monday.” The owner raised rates and earned more money right away. He said he would not have moved so swiftly without support and encouragement. Sample math: Let’s say this owner waited six months to raise rates $10 a month for 100 clients. That’s $6,000 left on the table.

Time is Money

I’ll give you another example that’s happened too many times to count: A busy, stressed gym owner can’t find time to grow the gym—or sleep. A mentor prescribes a time audit, and the gym owner lists all the hours spent on a host of tasks.

Looking at the data, a mentor says, “Hire a cleaner. You will buy back 20 hours a month for $300. In those hours, you’re going to sell 6 hours of personal training at $80 an hour. You’ve now covered the cost of the cleaner and earned an extra $180. You still have 14 hours free. Let’s look at your metrics and decide how to spend your newly freed time to grow the business.”

Allow me to extrapolate: That one piece of advice alone—hire a cleaner and sell PT in some of the recovered hours—would generate $5,760 of new revenue in a year if the gym owner sells just six hours of PT each month (we teach clients how to market and sell services, too). Subtract the cost of the cleaner, and you still have $2,160 in revenue.

And the owner would also have 168 free hours that might have been spent scrubbing toilets.

That’s just a simple example that doesn’t take into account subsequent tactics the business owner could employ during free hours with a mentor’s help. Could someone generate even more revenue with 168 hours and a precise plan from a mentor? Yes!

Let me give you something more concrete to show you what happens when a gym owner works with a mentor and executes on a customized plan:

“The biggest thing that coaches provide—that saves years of time—is perspective and experience. These little bricks add up and build much more than any one piece of advice,” said Ian Smith of Mountain Speed, Strength and Fitness.

“Before I started working with (my mentor) Karen one month after we opened, our total revenue was $826. Fast-forward 14 months: In January we hit $17,000. I went from almost no clients to working 70+ hours a week to working 20 hours a week after hiring staff.

“I’m able to spend every day with my boys, which means everything, because that is the time I will never get back.”

Remember when I said buying mentorship is buying speed? More speed equals more free time—and that’s your most valuable resource of all.

Your First Steps

I want results like this for you—and I’m not patient at all. So I set up our mentorship program to get results fast.

If you start working with a Two-Brain mentor, you’ll spend about six weeks in our Stage 1 program, which is designed to produce quick wins and momentum.

You’ll be in close contact with your mentor: You’ll connect every seven to 10 days, and you’ll have an exact plan to literally make the money that pays for mentorship.

I’m not making this up. In the first stage of mentorship, we teach you exactly how to make the money you need to pay for program. We’ll build marketing funnels that work and help you create and sell a solid front-end offer. The goal: Make money quickly.

In Stage 2, you’re going to build a rock-solid foundation for your business in about 11 weeks.

I won’t go further (you can read more about our entire process here). I’ll just be a mentor and tell you how take the first step to improving your fitness business at warp speed:

Book a call to find out exactly how a mentor can help you create the business you want fast: Click here.


One more thing!

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