A Social-Media Guide to the Two-Brain Summit in Chicago

Will you be in the Windy City on June 4 and 5 to hang with the top gym owners in the world?

Will you be at home wishing you could be there?

Or are you just curious about what happens when a bunch of microgym owners gather together to increase the impact they have on the world?

In all three cases, the answer is “social media.”

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For Summit Attendees

If you’ll be in Chicago, we want to see you and hear from you—in person and online.

After two years of digital Summits due to the pandemic, we get to hang out in person again. It’s going to be amazing to see everyone and feel the momentum we generate together.

My request: Connect with each other and document it!

Your plan:

  • Follow Two-Brain Business on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Meet other gym owners and follow all their social media accounts. Be sure to follow back the people who add you. I firmly believe every attendee should leave the Summit with at least 100 new followers.
  • Send and respond to DMs so you can continue conversations once you’re back home.
  • Take selfies, make Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts—and tag Two-Brain in all of them. Talk about what you’ve learned, who you’ve met and how you’re fired up to take action. Tell your clients how you’re working to become a better gym owner. Tell the people in your city that you’re connecting with the best gym owners in the world to make your service even better. Tell other gym owners how they can serve more clients and help us improve the health of the world.
  • Follow the world-class presenters and leave questions or comments for them.
  • Use the hashtag #twobrainsummit2022.
  • Be prepared to chat with our media team—we want to tell the world about you and your success!

For Wish-I-Were-There Gym Owners

If you just can’t make it to Chicago. Be sure to follow all our social media accounts. We’ll use them to pass on great moments and key pieces of advice, and we’ll have some fun. Check in regularly for updates, and feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

Check the hashtag #twobrainsummit2022 and follow Two-Brain gym owners who are sharing their experiences. Message them and connect.

Social media is the next best thing to being there live.

For the Curious Crew

If you’re reading this and have been considering mentorship, the Two-Brain Summit will give you a look at what mentorship can do for your business. I’d encourage you to follow our accounts and review the content in #twobrainsummit2022. You’ll see what we’re all about.

But it might be even more important for you to check out what other gym owners are posting about the Summit. Of course we’re going to tell you how great we are. But if you want a ground-level picture of what mentorship can do for a gym, review the stuff posted by the people who attend the Summit.

Go even further: Follow Summit attendees and send them DMs. Ask them if mentorship is worth it. Are they getting ROI? Are they satisfied? Are they earning more? You’ll get a marketing-free, genuine response from a real gym owner who has the exact same goals you have.

If you’re skeptical about mentorship, this is your chance to do some real research so you can make smart decisions for your business.

Follow Us, Learn and Interact

Whether you’re in Chicago or at home, you can participate in the 2022 Two-Brain Summit online.

Here are those accounts one more time: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


One more thing!

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