Two-Brain Summit: 4 Simple Marketing Tactics That Work

Two-Brain mentors Nick Habich and Kieran O'Dwyer onstage at the 2024 Two-Brain Summit for gym owners.

The Two-Brain Summit is all about taking action.

I’ll prove it—and I’ll help you get moving today.

Early on Day 1 of the summit, we had mentors Kieran O’Dwyer and Nick Habich talk about sales and marketing. The pair laid out clear, simple but deadly effective marketing tactics, and they encouraged owners to take action right at the conference.

They didn’t settle for “I’ll do this stuff eventually.”

It was literally “do this stuff in the break after we leave the stage!”

I know that the gym owners who followed Kieran and Nick’s instructions started conversations with prospective or former clients and are now earning more revenue from the members they acquired or reacquired.

In fact, Kieran sent me a bunch of messages he received from gym owners who are using the tactics and getting results.

Here’s one: “Here are the results (of the 5130 post my staff member made after the summit): 20 leads, 5 No Sweat Intros, 3 closes, 2 more conversations continuing. Front-end revenue: $800. Length of engagement for her PT clients is 26 months—$20,800. I spent $800 for her to come to summit. Do the simple stuff!”

After the conference, Chris Guerrero, another Two-Brain mentor, sent a message out to his clients to ensure they’re taking action. I’ll present a version of that message below with a few links to help Two-Brain clients take action at warp speed.

Easy Marketing Wins—If You Take Action

The Two-Brain Business summit was incredible, and I hope you’ll join me there next year.

The sales presentation by Kieran and Nick was great and highlighted some things we should all be doing on a regular basis to increase sales.

Here is a breakdown you can use starting today to increase your membership count.

1. Lead Magnets

Once per week, send everyone on your “leads” list an email referencing a lead magnet. The Content Vault in the Growth Toolkit is full of these magnets, and you can also use AI to generate more.

Just send a mass email to everyone with something like this: “Hey, I just made a free sleep guide to help improve your sleep. Reply with ‘SLEEP’ and I’ll send it over.”

The idea: Start more conversations. Put this on your agenda once every week. It takes 5-10 minutes max.

Two-Brain clients: The Content Vault is here.

2. 5130 Posts on Social

Once per month, make a “5130 post”—code for “5 people who want to do 1 thing in the next 30 days.”

Vary the target each month—you could promote personal training, small-group training, weight loss, youth programs or something else. Be specific with your posts, and use email, Facebook and Instagram to increase your reach.

I made this post this week and now have three new nutrition clients: “I’m looking for 5 guys between the ages of 35-55 who want to lose 10 lb. heading into the summer.”

One 30-second post made me $600 in monthly recurring revenue.

Two-Brain clients: The complete Organic Social Media Funnel is laid out here.

Two-Brain mentor Nick Habich onstage at the 2024 Two-Brain Summit for gym owners.
Some of these people used these tactics right after the session ended!

3. The 10-Word Email

Once every quarter, send out the “10-word email” to all leads. Here it is (this version has nine words):

Subject: Quick Question
Body: Are you still interested in getting fit in 2024?

Many people won’t respond, but I’ve used this every year to pick up two to three new people. The purpose is to start more conversations.

Two-Brain clients: For a huge pile of done-for-you email and text scripts, click here.

4. Sell by Chat

Use social-media DMs to start conversations and acquire new members: One of my clients used this tactic yesterday and immediately signed someone up for a $500, eight-week remote challenge.

Pick a certain number of people (he chose 30) and send that number of DMs every single week. Target people who follow your personal account or business page.

Don’t be weird. Be casual and start a conversation. Let them know what you’re up to and ask what they’re doing to get fitter. Then offer to help them solve their problems (Help First!).

Two-Brain clients: Your sell-by-chat resources are here.

Get Moving!

Here’s a reminder from Chris: “All four of these strategies cost absolutely nothing and take minimal time. During your weekly CEO time, spend at least 30 minutes using these free marketing tactics.”

What would have happened if you had taken action right at the summit, as Kieran and Nick recommended?

What would happen if you used these tactics today?

And what would happen if you had a mentor like Chris Guerrero to say, “Did you use those tactics yet?”

You know the answer in all cases: You’d have more leads, more members and more revenue.

To get your tickets to the 2025 Two-Brain Summit, where we’ll have more tactics just like this, click here.

To hear more about how a mentor will provide a plan, accountability and done-for-you resources to help you grow your business, click here.


One more thing!

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