Energizing Elite Coaches: The Two-Brain Summit

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One of the greatest things you can do for your business is bring your coaches to the Two-Brain Summit, get them fired up and then give them one great idea to focus on.

At our summit in Chicago on June 8 and 9, coaches will learn about athletic training, sales, programming, behavior modification, building programs for older athletes and more.

If you bring your crew, you’ll be able to sit down on Monday morning after the summit and point an inspired coach at a new project that will improve your business:

  • “Let’s focus on developing a system to train high-school athletes.”
  • “Semi-private training is the perfect way for you to earn more. Let’s set it up.”
  • “You’re going to crush our new 50-plus program. Let’s get to work on that right now.”

And so on.

The summit is about creating careers for coaches on your platform. When that happens, your coaches earn more and stay longer, your clients get better service, and key metrics at your gym improve.

I’ll put the spotlight on a few speakers, then give you the whole lineup.

Bill Parisi

A portrait headshot of Bill Parisi.

Bill Parisi is the founder of Parisi Speed School, which has more than 100 locations around the world.

Bill’s created a genius strength-and-conditioning progression system to help young athletes, high-school athletes and college athletes achieve their goals.

I could listen to Bill talk for hours, so I booked him for 60 minutes to help your coaches.

Mayhem Nation

A group of coaches work out at the 2023 Two-Brain Summit.

Mayhem is our programming sponsor this year, and I can’t wait to see the energy their coaches bring to our morning workouts.

These pre-conference sessions were a huge hit last year, so they’re back. Mayhem team members will be up bright and early to lead attendees through morning workouts that will energize them for the day.

We had so many people at these workouts in 2023 that we literally had to start pushing tables aside to accommodate everyone.

Beyond that, Josh Malone and Mayhem team members will be on stage to help coaches learn how to handle the most difficult challenges in a coaching gym. It’s not “how do I teach my client to squat?” It’s “how do I get my client to change behavior?” or “how do I get my client to pay attention to my cues?”

Mayhem’s crew will help your coaches solve a ton of problems and produce better results for clients in your gym.

The Complete Lineup: Coaches Stage

Here’s the rest of the lineup on the stage for coaches (subject to change):

Day 1 
Chris Plentus“Unreasonable Hospitality in the Microgym Industry”
Bill Parisi“New Science: Stand Out in the Coaching Crowd”
Matt Temby“Sales: Oxygen for Your Career”
Brian Bott“Creating Client-Winning Semi-Private Programming”
Peter Brasovan“Career Roadmaps: Growth and Financial Success for Coaches”
Day 2 
Oskar Johed“From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Crafting World-Class Coaches”
Aleksandrina Angelova-BrandtGetting Clients to Change: A Guide to Transformative Communication”  
Mayhem Nation“Handling the Most Difficult Coaching Challenges”
Brian Foley“Growing a 50+ Program in Your Gym”
Josh Martin“Building a Career in Coaching”

Get Tickets Today!

If you’re a gym owner, you’ve got to get your coaches to Chicago for the summit.

We have less than 300 tickets available at press time, and both owners and coaches rooms will be packed.

Get your tickets now and bring your crew to Chicago!

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One more thing!

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