Stop Cleaning The Gym (By Yourself)

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By Jeff Burlingame, Two-Brain Business Mentor

If you own a gym and you are still the main cleaner, or if you’re spending more than 10 minutes per day cleaning, something is backwards and the reason why comes down to roles.

A CEO should be valuing their time at $40/hour or more because if you, as the CEO, can spend an hour working on your business, you can easily generate more than $40 in revenue. If you’re spending your time cleaning instead of generating new business, you’re losing money.

You are a $40+/hour worker doing a $10-$15/hour task within the business when you spend your time cleaning and that doesn’t help you grow. In fact, every role below the CEO level including cleaner, coach, general manager, and bookkeeper comes with a lower hourly rate and they are in the business instead of on it. The CEO should really be spending his or her time working on the business to grow it.

That’s not to say that these tasks aren’t important, because of course having a clean gym matters. Ideally what you’ll do is hire out, delegate out, or hire a virtual assistant to do the tasks below the level of CEO. In fact, you can look within your membership to find people to help you out with this. If a member has a teenager that is looking for a job, bring them on for a few hours per week at $10-$15 to clean and disinfect the gym.

When you’ve handed that task off to someone else, you get those hours back to focus on revenue-generating tasks as the CEO. Outsourcing and delegating tasks actually frees you up to generate more revenue, grow your brand, and become more profitable.

Those tasks that you should be outsourcing and delegating include coaching and that can be a hard one for gym owners to give up. You can’t be the CEO and grow the business when you’re coaching 30 hours per week. If that’s a difficult one for you to give up, think about what you could do if you reduced that down to 10 hours per week and had the other 20 to work on your business. Imagine how much you could grow with that extra 20 hours!

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Jeff Burlingame
Two-Brain Business Mentor
Owner – Friction CrossFit



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