State of the Industry: The End of n = 1

A woman lifting weights and the title "State of the Fitness Industry Report."

Good data equals proof. Good interpretation of that data equals clarity. Acting on clarity gets results.

Our 2021 State of the Industry report goes deep. But it’s also broad because the experience of one person isn’t enough. We have data from 14,162 gyms in this report, and we hired an independent and objective analyst to help bring clarity from the numbers.

When I started mentoring gym owners in 2012, I had only my own experience on which to draw. My data set was n = 1.

As a gym owner of seven years at the time, that experience was enough to help others.

Now our recommendations are exponentially more valuable because they’re based on data from 6,000+ gyms instead of just mine.

My ideas in 2012 were pretty good because they came from experts with data in other fields. But in at the end of 2021 and moving into 2022, Two-Brain’s tactics and strategies are better than good: They’re proven. We teach our clients the lessons we’ve learned from the largest data set in the fitness business.

Why should this matter to you?

Because in the fitness industry, voices will always say, “This worked for me, and it will definitely work for everyone!” Those are the “n = 1 experts.” And maybe their ideas will work for you. But their advice carries risk:

  • What if they’re over-reporting results?
  • What if they’re under-reporting downside?
  • What if their idea only worked once?
  • What if their idea only worked in their gym?
  • What if their idea only worked with their clients?
  • What if their idea will stop working over time?
  • What if they’re incentivized to sell you on the idea?

Worse are the n = 0 “biz coaches” who will sell you an idea they haven’t tested themselves. This is a rapidly growing segment of the business world. 

Data eliminates risk and silences those without proof. 

Data also makes great things possible: Two-Brain created six first-time millionaires in 2021. Real millionaires. Not the shell-game success stories who say “I made $100,000 at my gym last month and expect it to continue forever!” Instead, we helped real gym owners grow their net worths to over $1 million.

Where Does This Data Come From?

Our 2021 report contains data from the following sources:

  • In August, a 62-question survey was distributed to our 30,000-person email list, Two-Brain Business clients and the Gym Owners United Facebook group (approximately 4,300 members at the time).
  • Over 1,000 Two-Brain Business clients enter key metrics in our upgraded Dashboard every month.
  • Arbox, PushPress, Wodify and Zen Planner contributed anonymous data from 13,416 gyms across the globe. Their data sets were not uniform, so in some cases, only data from one, two or three providers is used.
  • Arbox contributed key insight into international markets and provided a comprehensive package of data and analysis.
  • Wodify submitted a huge data package with stats on memberships, users, demographics and financial data for thousands of gyms.
  • PushPress contributed important data that included a year-over-year analysis of average revenue, total members, new clients and cancellations per gym.
  • Zen Planner provided data on month-over-month check-ins, new members, cancellations and much more.
  • Incite Tax, one of the largest bookkeeping and accounting firms for small gyms, supplied data on monthly rent, payroll and profitability.
  • Gym Lead Machine supplied website, marketing and prospect conversion data.
  • An independent professional industry intelligence and market analyst reviewed, screened and packaged the data to give you the clearest picture.

Our 2021 report contains information from 14,162 gyms. It is the largest and most comprehensive data set ever collected in our industry. It’s the info gym owners need right now.

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