Actionable Staff Meetings: Publishing Content

Gym staff member creating content for social media - Creating Action With Staff Meetings: Publishing Content

By Dan Visentin, Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor

Content and social media are critical to building an audience and creating a pipeline to attract new members. 

Combined, your media output establishes you and your staff as experts in the industry. It aids in retention as you “put your clients on podiums,” and it builds connections with prospects as you address topics that speak to their needs, desires and questions.  

As your gym grows and coaches replace you, the owner, on the front lines, building their reputation as experts in your local market and community is essential for acquiring new members and helping current clients. This process also creates additional opportunity for coaches who can earn more by serving clients with personal training or specialty programs.

The actual process of creating content is challenging for many. Furthermore, trying to involve your coaches can feel like an uphill battle at times.  

In your next staff meeting, use the steps below to create a pile of great content.

Step 1

Before the staff meeting, ask coaches to wear their “Coach” shirts.

Step 2

Schedule 15-30 minutes for content production.

Step 3

Brainstorm with your coaches about common movement faults in the gym or nutrition questions they get from members.

For example, in my last staff meeting we brainstormed to find the common faults our coaches see with body-weight and single-dumbbell movements in our at-home program (shout out to Two-Brain Programming).

Step 4

Assign a movement or a topic to each coach. Tell them all how you want the topic to be discussed, then give them five-10 minutes to prepare.

In my example, we organized our content pieces as “movement fixes.” Each coach was tasked to come up with one common fault, explain the fault, show the fault, offer the fix, then show the fix.  

Step 5

Film the content. By batch-filming, you can ensure the look and feel of each video is the same. And you’ll save a lot of set-up time because you only have to do it once before you run everyone through.

Maximize Your Time!

In one 30-minute window in a staff meeting, we were able to create six high-quality videos that will allow our coaches to establish their expertise by delivering valuable information that can help current and potential members.

Meetings are that rare time when all your staff members are in the same place. Use this time for action that will help move your business forward.

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